Stefan Radke is a brilliant photographer.  I knew this the moment I saw his work.  I found him accidentally on Instagram.  What I did not know was his studio was located in my building.  I did not know this until a chance meeting months later with his wife, with whom I have become extremely dear friends. Since then I have learned so much about Stefan and what makes him the talent that makes him Stefan.

His emotional heart is displayed in his work on the Bob Woodruff foundation.  His ability to shift with such ease from such a powerful trigger as a war hero to capturing a beautiful shot of actress Marilu Henner must have come from his self-proclaimed crazy career in the film and entertainment industry.

His gorgeous capturing of the real colors and farm life of Blue Hill at Stone Barns and his unique sense of vision as reflected in his work in the rebranding of the Maelcon House Boutique Hotel in Puerto Rico comes from his passion for architecture and being raised in Germany

I have been gifted with his talents.  He has taken my studio from bare walls to center of both serenity, conversation and deep thought to those who see his beautiful print displayed in this post.  He has taken my website to another level of sophistication with his shots of me and my studio.

Stefan is smart, kind talented and funny.  He has become a dear and trusted friend.  He has affected every facet of my world and for this I am truly blessed.

About 10 years ago a doctor walked into my nutrition office and asked: “Did you recommend to my patient to drink tequila neat instead of a margarita?” My answer:“Yes.” My simple reasoning was and will always be…lifestyle. This client wanted to lose weight and drink tequila. My recommendation cut calories and kept her lifestyle in tact. Boom, done.

So when I met met Stelios Stavrianos, founder of Cylinder Vodka in Stamford, I knew his vodka better be delicious (neat) in order for us to hang. And it is. And I am not surprised. This 31 year old, born and raised in Stamford, spent years perfecting his vodka and refused to release it until the flavor was perfect. Believe me, it is…sophisticated, clean, crisp and smooth. That’s why Cylinder is in over 110 retail locations throughout the Connecticut.  

Stelios and I drank his vodka in three totally different restaurants: L’Escale in Greenwich, Flinders Lane and Table 104 (both in Stamford). All three have a totally different vibe, and Cylinder fits in to each beautifully. Check out my posts on Instagram to see more and if you’re ever at any of these amazing restaurants ask for Cylinder by name. You won’t be sorry.

I was born and raised in Westchester County, NY, and the village of Port Chester was always THE go-to town. It was home to the funky club, alternative bar, late-night drink spot and hang out. Now, having built my business here over the last 7 years, I have seen Port Chester grow into a diversified place of restaurants, bars, boutique shops and even a movie complex. I love it here.

My favorite restaurants are the local spots–the smaller Colombian and Mexican restaurants that teach me about agave-based drinks, a Colombian ceviche or a fresh hand-made guacamole.  The bars I love the most are also local and intimate. The staff know us by name and are unpretentious and casual. And the movie theater, my favorite!   I love the movies and especially horror (but that’s another story).

I look forward to sharing some more of my favorite spots over the next few weeks on my Instagram. Come back for more.

EC Wellness Private Pilates Studio is housed in the village of Port Chester’s Ernest Simons Manufacturing Building, one of the largest textile manufacturing sites from 1890 to the 1940s. Today, the building holds more than 100 different small-business owners, and my neighbors include artists and architects, photographers, a dance company, upholsterers and advertising agencies. Each tenant has their own loft space with original floors, ceilings and windows.

Next door, The Life Savers Building and the Capitol Theatre (locally known as The Cap) are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places (meaning they are worthy of preservation for their historical significance…how cool is that?!) The Life Savers Building, built in 1920, served as the manufacturing facility and headquarters of the Life Savers Candy Company until 1984. Now, it is a condominium complex, where families call home. As a nod to its original use (and my love for Life Savers), any one who comes to my studio knows they can always find an endless supply of Wint O Green Life Savers.

The Capitol Theatre, built in 1926, speaks for itself. Designed by architect Thomas Lamb, the 1800-seat theater has a long history as a concert and catering hall as well as a movie theater. In the 1960s and 70s, famous musicians from all over the world played The Cap, including Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin. Most recently, the theater has enjoyed a renaissance due to new owner, music entrepreneur Peter Shapiro, funding a major renovation. Adding a bar and smaller showcase venue called Garcia (YES THAT GARCIA! ), The Cap hosts famous names like Blondie, Pat Benater, Billy Idol, Chicago, Neil Young, Chris Isaak, Rob Thomas, Counting Crows and Eric Clapton. It’s also no surprise to see Phil Lesh and Joan Baez on the marquee.

The village of Port Chester has a motto: “Tiny but Mighty” and it is no surprise that so many small-businesses and families have chosen this mighty village to call home.