About 10 years ago a doctor walked into my nutrition office and asked: “Did you recommend to my patient to drink tequila neat instead of a margarita?” My answer:“Yes.” My simple reasoning was and will always be…lifestyle. This client wanted to lose weight and drink tequila. My recommendation cut calories and kept her lifestyle in tact. Boom, done.

So when I met met Stelios Stavrianos, founder of Cylinder Vodka in Stamford, I knew his vodka better be delicious (neat) in order for us to hang. And it is. And I am not surprised. This 31 year old, born and raised in Stamford, spent years perfecting his vodka and refused to release it until the flavor was perfect. Believe me, it is…sophisticated, clean, crisp and smooth. That’s why Cylinder is in over 110 retail locations throughout the Connecticut.  

Stelios and I drank his vodka in three totally different restaurants: L’Escale in Greenwich, Flinders Lane and Table 104 (both in Stamford). All three have a totally different vibe, and Cylinder fits in to each beautifully. Check out my posts on Instagram to see more and if you’re ever at any of these amazing restaurants ask for Cylinder by name. You won’t be sorry.

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