Stefan Radke is a brilliant photographer.  I knew this the moment I saw his work.  I found him accidentally on Instagram.  What I did not know was his studio was located in my building.  I did not know this until a chance meeting months later with his wife, with whom I have become extremely dear friends. Since then I have learned so much about Stefan and what makes him the talent that makes him Stefan.

His emotional heart is displayed in his work on the Bob Woodruff foundation.  His ability to shift with such ease from such a powerful trigger as a war hero to capturing a beautiful shot of actress Marilu Henner must have come from his self-proclaimed crazy career in the film and entertainment industry.

His gorgeous capturing of the real colors and farm life of Blue Hill at Stone Barns and his unique sense of vision as reflected in his work in the rebranding of the Maelcon House Boutique Hotel in Puerto Rico comes from his passion for architecture and being raised in Germany

I have been gifted with his talents.  He has taken my studio from bare walls to center of both serenity, conversation and deep thought to those who see his beautiful print displayed in this post.  He has taken my website to another level of sophistication with his shots of me and my studio.

Stefan is smart, kind talented and funny.  He has become a dear and trusted friend.  He has affected every facet of my world and for this I am truly blessed.

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