Erica Christ

Meet Erica Christ. She is the founder/owner of FMR Wellness in Port Chester, New York. Erica has worked in the industry for 20 years as a registered dietitian (RD); fully-certified, advanced Pilates instructor; health and fitness instructor certified through the American College of Sports Medicine; and certified diabetes educator (CDE). She is an exercise physiologist and received her dual Masters degree in nutrition education and applied physiology from Teachers College at Columbia University.

Erica’s idea of wellness goes beyond the simple idea of being in good health. Her integrated approach is one that emphasizes preventative care, current state of health and long-term goals. Erica has invested in health wellness and passes on her knowledge…be careful…her enthusiasm is infectious.

Combining the critical tools of Nutrition and Pilates for Performance, Recovery and Injury Prevention.

The FMR mobile app integrates Nutrition and Pilates to assist in Performance, Recovery and Injury Prevention.

Once the user creates an account you will have access to 3 core components:

  • Nutrition Performance
  • Pilates Training
  • Nutrition Recovery

The scheduling feature allows the user to book and make a secure payment for both private Pilates and nutrition consultations, offered in studio or virtually. Additional features include a customized, self-guided nutrition program created by a Registered Dietitian and the ability to playback sessions to train on your own time.

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