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The Queen Bee and Her Hive

I am not sure from my desire to dip my toe into bee keeping came. I adore fresh honey and always have, the health benefits are endless and bee keepers are such caregivers to gentle honeybees.  But there must be more to my desire.   Is it the undertaker bees I am so obsessed with or […]

Brilliance Behind the Camera

Stefan Radke is a brilliant photographer.  I knew this the moment I saw his work.  I found him accidentally on Instagram.  What I did not know was his studio was located in my building.  I did not know this until a chance meeting months later with his wife, with whom I have become extremely dear […]

What happens when I don’t do Pilates?

You really don’t want to know.  So the question I get asked most often is….How often do YOU do Pilates?  My answer, every day.  I do two formal 50 minute session weekly , do 15 minutes of Pilates daily every morning, and jump on a piece whenever I feel a little stiff in between clients […]

 Why does a Pilates Teacher Need a Pilates Lesson?

The very first time I met Amy she said to me: “Hi, I’ve done Pilates but if you ask me to pretend I am a bowl I am going to walk out.”  I laughed until I cried. Seven years later, she is still a client that comes twice a week, once for a private lesson and once […]


About 10 years ago a doctor walked into my nutrition office and asked: “Did you recommend to my patient to drink tequila neat instead of a margarita?” My answer:“Yes.” My simple reasoning was and will always be…lifestyle. This client wanted to lose weight and drink tequila. My recommendation cut calories and kept her lifestyle in […]

Meet the Wellness Team at EC Wellness

You’ve heard it before: “It takes a village.” Keeping me strong, healthy, pain free and happy means incorporating a slew of wellness practices and I am not kidding, some regularly, and some monthly or quarterly. When I opened EC Wellness seven years ago, I dreamed of a place that I could offer services to people that […]

The 6 Principals of Pilates

During my Pilates training, it was imperative that I understood THE 6 principles before I even learned how to teach one exercise.   Centering Control Concentration Precision Breath Flow Pretty self explanatory, right? Well, not so fast. Ten years later, as a teacher AND a student of the discipline, I am amazed that I am STILL learning more […]

Port Chester

I was born and raised in Westchester County, NY, and the village of Port Chester was always THE go-to town. It was home to the funky club, alternative bar, late-night drink spot and hang out. Now, having built my business here over the last 7 years, I have seen Port Chester grow into a diversified […]

How I Found Pilates…and the Famous Three Cs

Twelve years ago, I suffered from severe Sacroiliac (SI) joint disfunction because of weak glute activation. Basically, this meant I could not pick up my newborn daughter, cough, sneeze or sit down without extreme pain. Now, when I say extreme, I mean extreme. I am tough. That’s when I found Pilates. At the time, I […]