I am not sure from my desire to dip my toe into bee keeping came. I adore fresh honey and always have, the health benefits are endless and bee keepers are such caregivers to gentle honeybees.  But there must be more to my desire.   Is it the undertaker bees I am so obsessed with or the unknown way the hierarchy is designated? Maybe it’s that the colony is 90 percent female?  Or could it be that antiobiotcs first came from honeybees?  This colony is here to do one thing and one thing only : to  service and care for the Queen.  How this Queen has come to be no one will ever know.  I found out this week my queen has survived and I got so excited. As my client Amy says “Now I know why Beyonce calls herself Queen B.”

This adventure has only begun.  This first week has been a honeymoon period.  Our queen has survived.  We have fed the bees their second round of sugar water and have watched come in and out of their home to eat.  The queen’s workers have delivered her pollen pouches to feed her and her male workers have done the due diligence and have died after impregnating her.  They have then been brought to pasture by the female undertakers.  Now we wait. We hope they continue to thrive, survive, produce enough honey for themselves and hopefully enough for us. I will keep you informed!

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