FMR Pilates Studio

Pilates is a 100 year old system of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates, a professional boxer, circus-performer and self-defense trainer at Scotland Yard. The six principles include centering, control, concentration, breath, flow and precision. Working strength, flexibility and coordination, the exercises can be done on a mat or on various pieces of specifically crafted equipment. Pilates is appreciated by and can be adapted to meet the needs of everyone from elite athletes to those with injuries.

Through both strengthening and stretching Pilates:

  • Develops and improves postural alignment and core strength
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhances muscular endurance
  • Targets sport specific stabilizing muscles
  • Improves balance while decreasing back, neck and joint pain

The studio is fully equipped with Basil and Gratz apparatus.

Nutrition Counseling

As a registered dietitian for 20 years Erica’s philosophy is “Start from where you are”. Everyone’s goals are different, so Erica’s approach to every client is different. After receiving a full assessment, Erica can create a personalized plan based on realistic, achievable healthy goals that can last a lifetime!

Studio Contact Information

Phone: 914.886.7326
Email: [email protected]

139 East Putnam Avenue
Suit 214
Greenwich, CT 06830

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