I am a Registered Dietician (RD) who can’t cook…and doesn’t like to cook. Actually, I am a mess in the kitchen. I am lost in the kitchen and honestly, I do not want to be in the kitchen.  

Now, I love to clean the kitchen. Cleaning keeps me moving and busy; it brings order.

But…then I met RD Catherine Staffieiri, who has teamed up with Chef Adelaide Mueller of The Balanced Plate. These two women have come up with the most entertaining way to breakdown healthy eating in your own home. They walk you through how to plan, cook and design healthful eating in YOUR OWN KITCHEN!!!! HELLOOOOOOO?????  

They do this in small cooking classes of 4-8 people, where they coordinate equipment, menu, ingredients, set up and clean up. They provide you with nutritional info and recipes along with cooking skills. Any nutrition questions are answered on the spot. Plus they are really fun, super cool and easy to be around. You may even invite them over to hang out.  

Staffieiri and Mueller have taught me how to chop and cook (just a little because this RD needs some help). We created a cocktail with local vodka Cyliner (see my Instagram feed please). Next month, they are going to work with me to to prep my box from Mike’s Organic Delivery and transform fresh ingredients into amazing dishes because I just cannot do this alone.  Come back for more in June!

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